Angus Chestnut
Angus Chestnut CP
Full Name

Angus Chestnut


"The Hacker"



Resides in

Palo Alto, California


Master hacker / Computer Genius

Eye Color


Hair Color



Olive Doyle (crush)


Fletcher Quimby (best friend) Chyna Parks (best friend) Olive Doyle (best friend/crush) Cameron Parks (good friend)




Webster High School


A.N.T. Program

First Episode


Last Episode

"the new york experiANTs"

Portrayed By

Aedin Mincks

Angus Chestnut is a computer science prodigy. He is always seen working on varied, complicated, and secretive projects, even though he seems to have a low IQ. It was revealed that he is an advanced hacker in ParticipANTs. He often helps Chyna, Olive, and Fletcher whenever they need it, especially Olive, due to Angus having a massive crush on her. He was added to the main cast in Season 3 and served as a recurring character in the first 2 seasons.


Angus considers himself a player, such as stating he was on several occasions and rejecting Chyna's misplaced note. It is shown that he has a big crush on Olive. He is a bit oblivious to certain things, such as Fletcher's girl disguise. He even tried to ask her (him) out! He has also been shown to be very lazy by doing things such as taking classes that were only on the first floor, or rolling around in a power chair for no reason. He eats a lot, as seen in many episodes. He even sometimes eats all the food a place contains. He also likes to not wear pants because it "helps him think better". He also likes to be alone with Olive and hopes to marry her, which in patANT pending, he thought Olive asked to marry him and was wrong. He may hold some animosity towards Fletcher or may simply like teasing him like Olive does, as he nearly sets him up for hacking into Z-Tech. He helps Fletcher try to get Chyna to date him in some episodes, and probably seems to think of himself as a matchmaker.


  • In Bad RomANTs, it is revealed that Angus is an amazing dancer, which has been shown frequently in the series, like when he was participating in a dance contest, but got second place to "Bob". This is due to him having taking ballet for years.
  • Angus has appeared in more episodes than any other recurring character. He has appeared in 27 episodes.
  • In the episode ReplicANT, he comments that he was controlling the cameras on The Tonight Show.
  • Ever since the first episode, TransplANTed, he has a pig's
    spleen due to the injuries he sustained from being trampled in the hallway.
  • He is shown to be very greedy and gluttonous, such as when he eats all the food at the restaurant in CANTonese Style Cuisine and still claims to be starving afterwards, and then orders a pizza. In America Needs TalANT, he buys everything, leaving nothing for Fletcher, Darryl & Cameron at the bacon truck.
  • He is shown to not wear pants often such as not wearing pants to school twice (once seen, once mentioned) in ClarivoyANT and PerformANTs he also didn't wear pants at
    Chyna's house in PerformANTs.
  • It is possible that Angus is rich because he eats a lot of food but never has a problem paying for any of it.
  • As shown in performANTs, Angus is capable of knocking out all the power in the world using his ANT pad.
  • It is shown that Angus has a crush on Olive Doyle.
  • In ParticipANTs Angus' ANT pad had a binary theme, which later became a robot.
  • In FraudulANT, Angus is shown to have a father, who was mentioned again in Modeling AssignmANT.
  • He doesn't know the difference between a bird and a fajita.
  • It is speculated that he has a large collection of Converse sneakers, as he only wears those shoes when he appears.
  • In Ballet dANTser, we find out that he is an amazing ballet dancer.
  • As of season 2, Angus shows a meaner and sarcastic side to everyone (except for Olive).
  • In ContestANTs, it is known that he uses fake arms, just in case of the event that girls will fight over him.
  • In ConfinemANT, it became known that Angus thinks he is closer with Olive and Chyna than Fletcher is.
  • In endurANTs, he states that he likes bowtie pasta because if you spill it on yourself, it just looks like you dressed fancy.
  • He will eat almost any consumable.
  • In one episode, he reveals to Cameron that he’s dating Lexi.
  • Angus Chestnut was a main character in Season 3, replacing Cameron.
  • He lives on a houseboat.
  • In Past, presANT, and future, Angus seems to be interested in history, because when Lexi said she wanted to undo a "terrible tragedy", Angus asks if it was World War II, The Spanish Inquisition, or the Black Plauge, all of which were considered tragedies in history. However, he could have been just listening to Olive.
  • Surprisingly, when Olive was dating Fletcher, Angus got really upset; but when she was dating Dixon, he didn't seem to care.


  • "Don't hate the player, hate the game."
  • I added a dancing John Quincy Adams!
  • I know he's your favorite president!
  • "Do not release the doves."
  • "Hey, do you want it fast, or do you want it with pants?"
  • "Do I have guidance counselor stuck in my teeth?" (MutANT Farm)
  • "San Francisco, please!"
  • "This is an outrage! I'm starving!"
  • "Tell my mother I love her!"
  • "That screensaver is really boring!"
  • "WHAT? Second place? Stupid BOB!"
  • YO TAXI!"
  • "When you spill it on yourself, it just looks like you dressed fancy" (EndurANTs)
  • "Don't worry Fletcher, there's other chicken wings in the... wait, what were we talking about again?"
  • "Dude, don't ask a question you don't want the answer to."


Olive Doyle
(crush/best friend):

Angus has a massive crush on Olive. Even to the extent of planning a wedding with her. Olive doesn't return his feelings, and normally rejects Angus harshly. (ex: throwing lemonade juice on his face). See Angive.

Chyna Parks (best friend):


Yeah, they remind me of Cibby

Angus and Chyna are friends. See Changus.

Fletcher Quimby (best friend/former roommate):


Angus sometimes gives advice to Fletcher when it comes how to win over Chyna.  See Ancher.

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