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Hi. I think all of us have noticed the halloween theme, correct? Anyways, I think we should do it for holidays. Like christmas:


Isn't it awesome? Anyways, we could do stuff like that. Thanksgiving is coming up, so we could put a turkey in there or something. I think you get the point. What do you think?

--NabooTinyevanfSig.svg.png Evanf (Talk)

I love it![]

  1. NabooTinyevanfSig.svg.png Evanf (Talk) - well duh, I am the one who made the forum.
  2. KataraFan - I like it. I was actually thinking about doing this for a while, but I wasn't sure what everyone one else was thinking.
  3. Zannabanna - I love it, I'm thinking about doing it on the Kickin It Wiki. :D
  4. Tavante- i like it but i didnt want to change it because ppl really like this theme we have now

I am not sure yet...[]

Definitely not![]