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"ANTswers" is the fifth episode in Season 2 of A.N.T. Farm. It first aired on Disney Channel in the United States on June 29, 2012.


When Principal Skidmore shuts off the school's Internet access, the A.N.T.s start the ANTernet and use their advanced talents to give students information they would normally get online. However, when Paisley asks about her problems at home (her Blue Crowned Conures), Oliver upsets her and China decides that they need to fix this. Meanwhile, Lexi gets jealous of Cameron's girlfriend, Vanessa, who models for Hippo's new restaurant, and convinces Cameron that Vanessa might be an alien. In the end they find out Vanessa isn't from space, she is from Canada, making her an "alien".






  • This episode marks Hippo's 3rd appearance.
  • Paisley returns after not appearing in 6 consecutive episodes.
  • Cameron makes a reference to Vanessa Morgan's role on My Babysitter's a Vampire when Lexi tells Cameron that Vanessa might be a vampire first, but Cameron told her that she babysits and wonders "why anyone would hire a babysitter who's a vampire".
  • We learn that Fletcher broke his arm.
  • Since the internet is shut off it was very likely that Angus should have left the A.N.T Farm since his talent requires internet.
  • Flecher's quote: "....There is nothing fun about angry birds!" is a reference to the popular game Angry Birds.
  • Brick Mail, which replaced email, was also seen in Mr.Young, another sitcom created by Dan Signer.
  • Cameron makes a reference to the 1982 move E.T.
  • In Poland, this episode is called "The Pursuit of Knowledge."
  • Viral videos recreated on the ANTernet include "Trololo," "Charlie Bit My Finger-Again!,"  "Keyboard Cat", and "Dramatic Chipmunk."
  • Paisley's birds are Blue Crowned Conures (and their cage is far too small).


  • Chyna implies that she didn't know there was a library in school, but in StudANT Council, she says she knows there is one, though she may have been referring to the public library that time.
  • When Skidmore is looking at the screen the kids are watching on the TV, the TV is shown on the real TV, but it has a green screen instead.
  • Chyna never had the clip in her hair before she got out of the crowd of people.
  • Chyna mentions that at Fletcher's birthday party he broke his arm, but Chyna hasn't known Fletcher (or Olive) for that long. Although this may have been in between then and when they first met.

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