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The ANTPad is a device in which the A.N.T.s use. It contains apps such as the GPS App, the Nap App, Game Apps, and more. Everyone in the A.N.T. Program has one, including Gibson. It is a parody of the iPad.



  • When Chyna first came into the program, she showed Fletcher her ANTPad at his request.
  • As Chyna was browsing through her apps, she came across the "Nap App." This app ended up putting Gibson to sleep.
  • In the next scene, Chyna was in Mr. Zimbaldi's class when he asked her to play something, and she pulled out her ANTPad and played a game.


  • Gibson was talking to Principal Skidmore when he said he used his GPS App on his ANTPad to not get lost, even though he had to learn Korean to understand it.
  • When Fletcher was looking for an extracurricular activity, he entered the End Hunger Today Club and he was seen looking at his ANTPad.
  • Also, within the same episode, Chyna uses the voice app on Angus' ANTPad after losing her voice at cheer practice to talk to Olive.

The PhANTom Locker

  • Olive was seen walking into class looking at her ANTPad, but it is unknown what she was using it for. This is the only episode where there wasn't a new app featured.

SciANTs Fair

  • Chyna was seen watching High Heels High on her ANTPad.
  • Fletcher placed a tracking device in |Chyna's backpack, and uses his ANTPad to track her.

StudANT Council

  • Chyna submitted her ballot statement via Olive's ANTPad.
  • When Chyna had Olive rap, she used an application on her ANTPad to splice the audio, so it would sound like Olive's ballot statement.
  • Chyna transmitted a scandalous video of herself to the school monitors via her ANTPad.

Bad RomANTs

  • Chyna told Fletcher to use her ANTPad to record Gibson's answers to questions for a dating website.

The InformANT

  • Fletcher used his ANTPad to check the pudding company's website to find out about the cash points and prizes.


  • Angus used his ANTPad to send a text message to Olive.
  • Angus shows Chyna a video using his ANTPad.

IgnorANTs Is Bliss

  • Cameron broke Chyna's ANTPad while trying to play a boxing game.

Slumber Party ANTics

  • Chyna and Olive video chat using Chyna's ANTPad.
  • Chyna and Olive activate the green screen using Chyna's ANTPad.

America Needs TalANT

  • Chyna says every thing Lexi needs to know about her performance is on her ANTPad.


  • Note: Some of the following apps aren't necessarily separate apps, but are simply ANTPad features.
App Name Description First seen
Calculator Makes basic math calculations TransplANTed
Calendar Shows all days in a calendar year
Nap Plays relaxing music to help you fall asleep
Unknown Video Game One of many ANTpad video game apps.
GPS Global Positioning System; gives you directions, in Korean language ParticipANTs
Voice Enables you to type words on a keyboard and it will translate what you wrote on speaker
Live TV Watch movies and TV shows in real time (Example: High Heels High) SciANTs Fair
Tracking Used to track someone's location (separate piece of equipment required)
Ballot Submission Chyna submitted herself to the ballot via Olive's ANTPad StudANT Council
Voice editing Enables you to take what someone said and turn it into a completely different sentence
Notes Used to write short messages Bad RomANTs
Internet Used to browse different websites The InformANT
Messaging Used to send message to any other ANTpad. ClairvoyANT
Video Chat Used to video chat with anyone Slumber Party ANTics

There are more apps on the ANTPad, but have not been confirmed yet.

People who's ANTPad we've actually seen

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  • The ANTPads have several skins for individual A.N.T.s. The skins correspond with a specific A.N.T.'s unique talent. Chyna's pad had a piano key skin to reflect her musical talent, Angus' had a skin of computer codes, reflecting his computer talent, Fletcher's had a paint skin to reflect his artistic talent and Olive's has a skin of the human brain to reflect her academic talent.
  • All A.N.T.s are supposed to have an ANTPad, but it is likely Nigel never received one. He may not even need one, because he has a computer with him.