The A.N.T. (Advanced Natural Talents) program, is an Educational program at Webster High School where age 11-14 adolescents who are naturally talented in a specific area are promoted from middle school to high school. This program brought Chyna Parks, Olive, and Fletcher together in the pilot episode. The "A.N.T.s" (as they are called by the rest of Webster High) have to get used to being high school students at age of 11 (when most American children are just starting middle school, or even still in elementary school in some cases). This program was introduced in the pilot episode, Transplanted. The program exists all across the US and in other countries such as the UK, France, Italy, Japan, Sweden and Australia.


In the A.N.T. program, students are given all of the equipment and opportunities that they need in order to fully develop their talents, while still attending rudimentary classes at the high school. They are allowed to stay in the central room of the A.N.T. program in between classes, at lunch, and after school.

The A.N.T.s are usually disliked by the other students, especially Lexi and the cheerleaders. Cameron usually dislikes them, too, but has grown to like them. Paisley, however, has no problems with the A.N.T.s and encourages Chyna to join cheerleaders because the latter is talented.

Some students are possibly allowed to skip classes, as they do not pertain to the A.N.T.'s skills, or the A.N.T. in question may know more than the course material can provide.

In Episode 3, Principal Skidmore states that the whole point of the A.N.T. program is to allow her to exploit the A.N.T.s' advanced natural talents for her own benefit. In Episode 4, things seem as though she gives the A.N.T.s good grades that they do not deserve so that they can compete in Art Shows (Fletcher), Musical Recitals (Chyna), and Scholastic Decathlons and Spelling Bees (Olive). She says that she is planning to take a swimming champion from Japan to compete for their school in swim meets, even though he is unable to speak English.

It appears that each A.N.T. has a sort of "station" where they can hone their talents. Chyna has a place to play music, Olive has a place to read, Fletcher has an easel, Angus has a computer, Benny has a table to build robots, and Svetlana has a pommel horse to practice gymnastics on.

Apart from Chyna, Olive, Fletcher, Angus, Benny, and Svetlana, there are several unintroduced A.N.T.s, most notably a male A.N.T. who is often seen on his stationary bicycle, lifting weights, or doing lunges. There are several female A.N.T.s who are occasionally seen doing homework, especially a ballet A.N.T. who was dancing across the room when Chyna first arrived in the A.N.T. Farm.

At one point, there was an A.N.T. named Emma. What her talent was is a mystery. According to Olive, she went to retrieve her lunch from her locker during lunch period and was swept away by older and larger students and presumably suffered fatal injuries, much like Angus. Now, nobody (except for Olive, of course) can even remember her, or they have sworn never to speak of it. Though it's possible she just made that up so Chyna wouldn't get hurt.

As of Season 3, billionaire inventor Zoltan Grundy took all the A.N.T.s from Webster High and created a Z-Tech Prodigy School tailored to suit the A.N.T. Program, where they could get better facilities and treatment, much to the chagrin of Principal Skidmore. The school also takes the first student not to have been aged 11 - 14 into the program, Lexi Reed. Lexi was high school age when the school opens but had hidden her talent for mathematics for years and as such, was never inducted into the A.N.T. program at a younger age.

Known Students

A.N.T.s From Other Countries

  • Berry Figgenbottom AKA Tazmanian Neville (Acting Prodigy acting as a Nature Prodigy)
  • British Etiquette Prodigy
  • American Culinary Prodigy
  • French Art Prodigy
  • Italian Culinary Prodigy
  • Japanese Music Prodigy
  • Two French Nature Prodigies
  • Swedish Engineering Prodigy
  • Australian Art Prodigy
  • Two Japanese Art Prodigies
  • Two British Music Prodigies
  • Australian Music Prodigy
  • British Art Prodigy


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