You know how much I hate you right?

I love you too!

Chyna and Olive

"pANTs on fire" is the eighth episode in Season 3 of A.N.T. Farm. It first aired on August 23rd, 2013.


Chyna accidentally ingests Dixon's anti-truth serum that makes her incapable of telling the truth, which gets her in trouble with Olive. Meanwhile, Angus learns he hails from a long line of princes, but is unsure how to act around his "royal" cousin when he comes to visit.


Lexi: Angus! You're related to royalty? Why didn't you ever tell me that?

Angus: One, because I just found out. And two, because you told me to never talk to you.

Lexi: Well, that was when you were a nobody. Now you're a nobody related to a somebody. smiles
Olive: Anyway, since you did all your homework, it's Open-Mic Night at the Morc! They're gonna open a guy named Mike.

Chyna: frowns, then quickly covers it up with a fake smile
Olive: Wanna go come with me?

Chyna: Sure! I would love to go see a stranger's insides!





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